Listening, Being, Growing Together

Over the last few years a small meditation community (With Intention) has been coming into being, associated with Western Heights Uniting Church.  It is very much in its infancy and enjoying exploring meditation in a variety of settings and styles.  Led by a diversity of people, the community is seeking to provide a place of nurture for people of all walks of life.


Some aspects of With Intention activities that are developing:

  • Small meditation groups
  • Ritual events, retreats, seasonal events related to the environment
  • Community responses to significant local, national and global events effecting humanity and or the environment.
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Exploring the Arts and Creativity.


Recently the community has had a go at putting into words what it is on about and has come up with the following:

It is the intention of the meditation community to provide a range of experiences for people to share in a contemplative expression of faith and community. As a community of people we are open and welcoming of all people who are seeking to explore a quiet and reflective way of being with God and each other. We respectfully encourage each person’s journey as they choose how they might share in the various expressions of the meditation community. We encourage growth and the development of leadership as people identify their gifts and capacity to share them with others in the community and their daily life. With intention we are committed to listening, being, growing together slowly.


The With Intention community is small at this stage and quite unsure as to how it will unfold in the future.  If you’re interested to know more or come along and check out what is happening feel free to email [email protected]


A short piece that may be helpful as you walk the labyrinth

Make me attentive to the lap of the waves,

make me attentive to the movements of the sky,

make me attentive to the grasses that grow,

make me attentive to the soul’s every sigh.


Make me aware of the landscape that passes,

make me aware of new scapes coming in,

make me aware of your precious heartbeats,

make me aware of the world within.

Ray Simpson, Celtic Prayer for Life Today, Kevin Mayhew LTD 2006, p. 90.



If you would like to know more about labyrinths and how they can be used here is some info